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More Big Earrings — Hoop Earrings with Dangles

Well, if you didn't get enough of big, drippy earrings last month, then this is right up your alley. If you didn't go for the chandelier earrings, then maybe you'll like these better. ;-)

You will need:


  • 28 x 4mm bicone crystal
  • 10 fine head pins
  • 4 x 2mm metal beads
  • about 40 seedbeads, size 11/0 or 10/0
  • 2 earring hoops


  • Wire cutters
  • Chain nose pliers, 2 pairs is easiest
  • Round nose pliers

These are so easy and quick, you can whip them up to match your outfit for the round of holiday parties you have coming up. You can even whip up an extra pair as a gift for your hostess. And there are lots of ways you can vary these and make them your own style. Or, if you are making jewelry for Christmas Craft shows or church fund raisers, you can have a lot of fun making these for sale in a near infinite variety.

Start by selecting the crystals and seed beads

Here, I've used

The hoops I selected have a small tab with a hole that needs to be bent up before wearing, but the ones you purchase or have in your stash may be different.

Choose very fine, thin headpins, as they will be the easiest to bend. For this project, they do not need a lot of strength, as we will be doing a wrapped loop to create the loop at the top of the page.

Make your dangles first

Thread your beads in the following order

Making the wrapped loop

A wrapped loop is secure — easy to do when you are just learning as it is very forgiving.

  1. Hole the wire a little above the end bead with the roundnose pliers. Using your fingers, (remember selecting fine headpin wires?), bend the wire around the tip of the roundnose pliers and back down in a "U" shape. Don’t cut off the wire tail. Do work right at the tip and keep the loop small. If the loop is too large, the dangles will slide over the seed bead separator and they will all "clump" together.
  2. Wrap the tail of the wire around the main stem of wire coming from the bead. Keep going back down to the end bead.
  3. Trim off the extra wire, and smooth the end of the wire in tight against the wire core. This is easiest if you hold the loop with one pair of chain nose pliers and tuck the wire end in with the others. Straighten up the loop if necessary.

NOTE: Try not to put pressure on the end bead, as these small seed beads can be crushed and broken quiet easily. Oops!
This did have a seedbead on the end!

Bend the tab on the hoop

Thread the beads and dangles

And there you have it!

Put the loop through your ear by twisting the loop open gently from side to side, then threading into your ear. Put the end of the loop through the hole in the tab for extra security.

You may have to squeeze the hoop a little to tighten it up so that it fits through the tab and stays closed.

For a different look, try these variations:

Lots of possibilities! Have fun with it!


Copyright 2003 Dwyn Tomlinson, All Rights Reserved. Used with permission by the Beading Times. If you'd like to see a specific project or technique explained, just email me at