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Cute Beaded Circle Earrings

by Carol Ladine Lagoski


This is one fun pair of earrings.  I used brass wire and Denim Lapis beads  in this pair.  These beads look great with blue jeans!





36” of 30ga wire cut into two 18” lengths

82 - 4mm beads

One pair French hook earwires



You may use thread or some other stringing material if you wish however the wire will hold the earring shape better than any other material.


NOTE:  You may use a little thicker wire as long as the holes in your beads will accommodate two wires passing through.


Flush cutters or sharp scissors




Sterling Silver wire

Gold Fill wire

Any colored wire you’d like.  You may want to match or blend with the color of your beads.


Gemstone beads

Sterling Silver beads

Gold Fill beads

Swarovski Crystals, round not bicone


Holes in beads must be large enough for at least two 30 ga wires to pass through.

Step 1



Take one of your 18” wires and string on 5 of your beads.  Hold onto both ends of your wire so your beads will be fairly in the middle.  Now take one wire and thread it through the first bead on the other wire.


Pull snug and bend the wires upward to hold.

Step 2



Now thread three beads on the left wire and one bead on the right wire.



Step 3



Take your right wire and insert it through the first bead on the left wire


Step 4



Your piece should look like this.  As you can see we’re starting to go to the side.




Step 5



Repeat steps 2 and 3 until you have done eight rounds.


Four completed rounds shown here

Step 6



After completing 7 rounds




Step 7


Now take your right wire, add one bead and thread up through  bead two on the opposite side then add one bead. 


Take your left wire and thread two beads on



Step 8


Now thread your wire through the first bead on the left wire




Step 9


Pull everything snug and bend wires up to hold.



Step 10


Thread on four beads on the left wire and then thread the right wire through all four beads.  Now push  the beads all the way down to the top of the earring base.



Step 11


Carefully pull each wire snug so this section looks like this.  To finish wind the wires around the space on either side of the center bead.  Just wind them around a couple of times.  Now thread each wire through the next side bead, pull taunt and clip as close as possible.



Now add your earwires and your ready to go!


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