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Stretchy Bead Ring Project        
                                                  Copyright Dwyn Tomlinson *

A quick project to make a fun little ring that shows off a single favorite bead!   Great for your fingers or your toes!

Skill Level: Easy

Time to Make: under an hour

Supplies you will need:

This handsome ring is a great way to show off a single bead. Rings take a lot of abuse — so work with your stretch cord doubled!

The size of the ring can be easily adjusted by adding more or less daisy spacers when threading the beads. Remember to keep it even and put the same number on each side. The instructions below make a ring that is approximately a size 8.

Thread your stretchy cord through the wire needle and slide the needle to the center of the cord. Thread the beads in the following order:

  1. 1 bead cap
  2. 4 mm round sterling bead
  3. approximately 18 spacers - this will vary with the type of spacers that you have and the size of the ring you want.
  4. 4 mm round sterling bead
  5. 18 spacers, vary the number to match step 3 above.
  6. 4 mm round sterling bead
  7. 1 bead cap
  8. your focal bead

Check the size of the ring against your finger. Adjust as necessary by adding or removing spacer beads from both sides.

When you have the size right, snug the cord up tightly so that the knot will disappear after being tied. Tie a surgeon’s knot to secure the cord.

Wiggle the knot into the focal bead to hide it.

That’s it. Very quick and simple! In half an hour, you have a very cool beaded ring that is comfortable to wear and fun to show off!


* Contact if you  wish to submit a beading project for publication in The Beading Times.   Dwyn Tomlinson is a freelance bead kit designer who has worked on an international level.    Contact her directly at if you wish to have bead kits designed for your own business.  Want to make your own kits but don't know how to write the instructions?  Once again, Dwyn can help you!