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White Fiber Optic Bead Lanyard

Designed by Kathy Hrycej

Instructions by Sandy Paluzzi

White goes with everything and the glitz of the fiber optic beads keep it from being boring. 


Tools used

   Crimping pliers

   Round nose pliers

   Tweezers (optional)





Materials used

Strand each 4, 6 & 8mm fiber optic beads

4mm Czech fire polish

Seed beads

1 badge clip

Beading Thread

2 2x2  crimps

40 inches beading wire

1 lobster claw clasp & 2 jump rings


    1.  Double your thread.  Pull it through the top of the clip and thread it back through itself.  Pull it tight so your lanyard clip looks like the last picture in this room.
Put BOTH strings through one 8mm white cats eye bead.
Separate your threads and string the first pattern sequence on first one side of the string and then on the other.

Seed bead, 4mm fiber optic, seed bead, 6mm fiber optic, seed bead, 8mm fiber optic, seed bead, 6mm fiber optic, seed bead, 4mm fiber optic, seed bead, 4mm fire polish.

Now string the identical sequence on the other side. 

TIP:  Be sure to use something like a bead stopper or alligator clip to hold your beads firmly in place on one wire while you're working with the other.

Repeat pattern 11 more times on each side of the string for a total of 12 pattern repeats per side.  This will make your lanyard

When you have finished your pattern, attach a crimp bead & closed jump ring to the ends of both strings.  
1) Slide the crimp bead onto one end of the wire 2 Place a 6 in. closed jump ring onto the wire in front of the bead 3) Turn the tip of the wire around and slide it through the crimp.  Be careful not to cross your wires. 4) Pull the wire tightly through the crimp and place the crimp bead into the large side of the crimping tool.  Press down firmly on the crimp bead. 5) Turn the crimp half way place in the smaller outside jaws of the crimper.  Press down firmly on the crimp bead to round it.
Attach your lobster claw to one side of the lanyard.  First open the jump ring by twisting the 2 ends of the ring away from each other in a sideways manner.  Then slide the ring through the closed jump ring and close it securely. 

TIP:  You can use your crimping pliers to help securely close the jump ring.

This is what you will have made.  A lanyard that should stay on during normal wear, and gently pull apart if a strong tug is brought to bear.  Better to have your lanyard clasp come undone then to have it choke you.  Also, by finishing the lanyard in this manner, your beads will stay put if the lanyard does break.

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