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Victorian Jewelry

By Sandy Paluzzi
   The Bead Peddler

Dragonflies and other bugs are definitely Victorian. This design by FireGoddessGlass highlights the centerpiece. 
RustedSilk gives us the glitzy side of Victoriana with this topaz and jet necklace
Black beads were very popular, particularly in mourning jewelry. This antique piece is available from MartysGems 
This brass and blue seed bead choker is as pretty as it is dainty. Design by HerrisonRose 
Charms, charms, charms. They virtually cascade from this necklace by KakaJewelry 
RalstonOriginals dangles a beautiful cameo from pearls and crystals. 
Victorian Punk Jewelry has all the Victorian elements present with the bar pin, pearls and chain.
This piece is actually from the Victorian era and is available at GrandVintageFinery 
CherryFox uses lace and beads to create this eye catching Victorian inspired necklace.
CindersJewelryDesign shows us an example of a long Victorian necklace done up in pearls and crystals. 
A striking pendant with a floral design encased in glass. Design by MaryAnnFarley 
ArtfullyYou has created a piece with lace and pearls that would work for today's bride.
This piece is one of my favorites with black beads on a chain surrounding a beautiful Victorian centerpiece. Design by ChathamsCrossing 
HerrisonRose combines a rose with bead weaving to give us this Victorian inspired choker.
Great use of Victorian style stampings in this bracelet by VikkisBlueMoon 
When I see this piece, I can picture a Victorian woman sitting over a needlepoint loom by gaslight. Design by ByKatDesigns 
Victorians made great use of color which is celebrated in this bracelet by MartaJewelry 
ISpilledTheBeads mixes modern memory wire with the colors and feel of Victoriana. 
This pastel piece by Rita's Baubles and Creations is as current today as it would have been in the late 1800s.
TwiceInspiredGallery adds interest to her bracelet with a rose and brass centerpiece.
The molded roses go well with the surrounding beads in this bracelet by JJBeadDesigns 
OurLadyBeads has created a Victorian inspired rosary bracelet in bright sunshiny colors.. 
Again, the natural elements so pervasive in Victorian jewelry come to fore in these butterfly earrings. Design by Pink80sGirl 
AFrogsKiss uses an ornate brass stamping for her chandellier earrings. 
The bead caps add a Victorian touch to these classic earrings by BGBJewelry  
Designed by HawaiiBeads, these earrings look like they were made for an island paradise. The molded glass is reminiscent of Victorian windows.
LaceFancy combines pearls and flowers to make this feminine pair of earrings.

ArdentHearts shows how the old is new again with these pink drops.

You get two choices here. Visit JuliesBeadKits to buy bead kits to make Victorian jewelry or visit MyJulieJewels to buy the finished product.  
Yet another treatment of flowers - this time they're painted on beads. Earrings by VictoriannaCharmers 
These earrings by AffordableAmbience can go anywhere. 
MammaShaClothing has designed a decidely Victorian pair of earrings that remind me of angels.