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Paper Beads

By Sandy Paluzzi
   The Bead Peddler

Dianesmilehas created a statement piece that will nicely fill in today's lower necklines.
Wow! This piece is fabulously dramatic. Design by HippieKingdom
seragun adds a feminine ribbon bow to her earthy paper beads. The bow echoes the color tones found in the rest of the necklace and nicely 'ties it together' - pun intended.
This piece by TribalImages has an African or Native American feel to it. But it is not solely good for ceremonies. I can also see it at the beach.
DeederTheBeader has created a classic piece that would work at play or work.
The bright colors in the necklace are beautifully set off by Swarovski crystals. Design by GreenBeadExpressions
CateTails deftly mixes glass and wire with the paper beads.
This stand out collage type necklace is by 3CsDesign. There's a lot of detail in this piece.
eileenastudio uses graduated beads to form a central focal point in this necklace.
What a peaceful feeling I get from this necklace. StarlitMoonDesigns calls it 'healing green - reiki charged' and it does seem soothing.
BeadAmigas gives us a fun piece great for carnivals, cruises or whenever you need to cheer yourself up.
The pearl strung atop these two paper beads adds a touch of sophistication to the design by TheUnwrittenWord
Here's another design by HippieKingdom. This piece has a substantial feel making it perfect for winter wear.
Blue and brown is a great color combination. The dangling bead backed by copper takes this piece out of the ordinary. Design by makingfootprints
PaperStatement uses corrugated paper to create a real show stopper. This piece would go out to dinner, to the theater or a wedding with ease.
PaperMeJewels hand paints the paper in the beads. The colors in the piece would make your complexion glow.
FiVamped has created a piece with an earthy, primitive feel reminiscent of Uganda.
Upcycled Stuff has created an elegant look with this 2 strand wire bracelet with clasp.
itsmolly has created a modern feel with a dramatic black and white color combination.
Here's a mixed media bracelet designed by deeann7
Tanith uses the pages of a book to create this cuff bracelet.
Bright pink paper beads are joined with sparkly stations in this children's bracelet. Design by GreenBeadsPlus
In this bracelet, brightly colored paper beads are strung on memory wire. Design by beadcreationsbydawn
HippieKingdom has come up with another great design. This bracelet is sure to brighten up any outfit.
TheUnwrittenWord uses a unique way to roll and string her beads in this bracelet.
This bracelet by TheIceFaerie has a very earthy, tribal feel to it.
Technically, this bracelet doesn't belong in this column. The paper is woven and used as a background for beads made of other materials. I thought it was so fabulous that I had to include it. Design by rayela
janicemae uses a classical v shape design to display the paper beads.
These earrings have a very dramatic look. Design by AppreciateEarth
kindredcrow dangles paper beads from the bottom of a chandelier finding.
psalmwear takes advantage of the light weight paper beads to create a pair of earrings with a lot of movement and pizazz.
The paper beads nestle on their copper leaf background. The color of the beads against the metal provides a very unified look. Design by LCAccents
stillrain uses the length of her beads to strengthen the long flow of these earrings.
These modern earrings by CateTails pay tribute to my alma mater, Penn State.
Perfect for the holidays, or all year long. The red bells by cocoscreations create an impact with a minimum of materials.
TheUnwrittenWord turns her beads sideways to create this perfectly balanced pair of earrings.
These earrings remind me of pinwheels and summer days. Design by RutisRoots
GreenBeadExpressions achieves great balance in this pair of earrings.