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Sparkly Beaded Earrings

by Carol Ladine Lagoski




Tools and Supplies:


20 inches 26 gauge silver wire

16 - 6mm colored round faceted crystals

24 - 4mm clear faceted crystals

One pair silver ear wires

Sharp scissors or flush cutter


You can use just about any stringing material as long as it can fit through the hole in the 6mm bead 4 times.






Step 1:


Cut your wire or stringing material into two ten inch pieces.  You will need seven 6mm beads and eight 4mm beads.  String these onto your wire starting with one 4mm bead then one 6mm bead.  Continue until you have all seven 6mm and all eight 4mm beads on the wire.  Try and have the group somewhat centered.



Step 2:


Take one of your 6mm beads and string onto both ends of the wire crossing through the bead as shown



Step 3:


Pull your wire as snug as possible and bend your ends up



Step 4:


String two 4mm beads on each of your side wires



Step 5:


Now cross those wires and thread down back through those side beads as shown



Step 6:


Pull those wires downward until these beads are snug against the main part of your earring.  This is easiest done by alternating from one side to the other side a little bit at a time.  You will want a little of the wire showing at the very top.



Step 7:


Push the ends of those wires through the top bead in your circle going in opposite directions



Step 8:


Pull these wires all the way through so they are snug.  If you're using wire be sure you don't let it turn or twist or you'll get a kink and you don't want that.





Step 9:


Now just wind those ends around the base wire a couple of times and clip off excess.  Attach your ear wire and you're ready for the other earring.





Step 10:


Take your second 10" wire and repeat steps 1 through 9


Now you have a beautiful pair of earrings that can be worn just about anywhere.


You can use larger beads or smaller beads or you can use all the same size. 


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