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Dainty Dangle Pearl Earrings

 by Tammy Powley
Tammy Powley's Website

Nothing is more romantic or more feminine when it comes to jewelry than the classic pearl. These dangle earrings combine sterling chain and findings with petite purple pearls and spacer beads resulting in a comfortable and classic design. Though the earrings are light weight and dainty, their length will make them stand out in a crowd.

This project incorporates two important wire techniques: unwrapped loops and wire curls. The unwrapped loops are excellent for connecting dangle elements. The wire curls are very useful when you need to create head pins or other endings on a piece of wire.

Materials and Tools

2 – 3mm purple pearl beads
4 – 4mm sterling daisy spacer beads
*2 pieces of sterling chain, approx. 1 1/2 inches each (cut chain to desired length with wire cutters)
2 sterling ear hooks
6 inches of 22-gauge dead-soft sterling wire
Round-nosed pliers
Flat-nosed pliers
Nylon-nosed pliers
Wire cutters

*Note on the Chain: The chain pattern used for the earrings pictured is made up of one long oval link and three small round links. However, pick any delicate type of chain you like. In fact, this is a great way to use up scrap pieces of chain.

1.  Grasp the end of the wire with round nosed pliers (pictured), and make a tiny curl on the end of the wire. Round-nosed pliers are made especially for jewelry making. Since the nose on the pliers is tapered and cone-shaped, you can use them to make perfectly round loops in your wire

2.  Continue to curl the wire a little. Nylon-nosed pliers (pictured) are best for this since they will not mark the wire and help it to lay flat while you work with it. They also help to work-harden your wire. Simply hold the wire curl made in step 1 with the nylon pliers. With your fingers (dead-soft wire is very soft) continue to curl the wire a few times. You can make the curl as large as you’d like. For these earrings, I only curled it a few times since I didn’t want the curl to become larger than the 3mm pearl beads.

3.  Next, use flat-nosed pliers to make a bend in the wire just past the curl. This way, your wire is standing straight up, and you’ve basically created a head pin for yourself.

4.  Thread on one daisy spacer, one pearl, and another daisy spacer bead onto the wire.

5.  Then again with flat-nosed pliers, bend the wire just past the beads at a 90 degree angle

6.  Grasp the wire at the bent area with round-nosed pliers, and as you hold this with the pliers, use your finger to wrap the wire around the nose


7.  With wire cutters, trim off excess wire right after the loop you created in step 6. Don’t worry about closing the loop you made just yet.

8.  Slip one end of a chain piece onto the wire loop, and with flat-nosed pliers, gently close the loop around the chain link.

9.  On the other end of the chain piece, attach the loop on the ear hook, and again, use flat-nosed pliers to gently close the loop around the chain link.


10.  Now repeat all the steps above to make a matching earring.