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Top of the morning to ya!


This month I thought it would be nice to make a special something for St. Patrick's Day.  I chose Sterling Silver and Emerald 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals for the project.



Flat nose pliers

Flush cutters

Round nose pliers

Some type of round object to use for shaping the earwires.  Any round tube or stick about the size of a nickel.  I just used this piece of pipe that was laying around the house.  If you have a ring stick you can use it.


 Bur cup for smoothing wire ends

Tumbler and Stainless Steel Mixed Shot for polishing/cleaning.




7" - 21 or 22ga round half hard round Sterling Silver wire cut into two 3 ˝" pieces


8 - 6mm Swarovski bicone crystals, emerald green or color of your choice


6 - 1" Sterling Silver head pins



 Take your two 3 ˝" wire pieces and form them around the mandrel as shown. 


STEP 2a:

 If  you'd like the ends of the wire that goes through your ears to be bent as in traditional earwires just place your flat nose pliers across the ends right at the very tip and bend slightly upward as shown here.





STEP 2b:


Measure up approximately  ˝" from the end on the long side and using your flat nose pliers bend your wire forward as shown here.





This photo simply shows you how your earwires should look at this point.








Now place one crystal on the long straight end.  Using your round nose pliers make a curl below the crystal.  Be sure you make it large enough to accommodate your three dangles.  Repeat this step for your other earwire.

 STEP 5: 

Prepare the rest of your crystals like this.  Thread one crystal onto a head pin and loop the top over your round nose pliers as shown in photo one.   

Secure the end by wrapping it around your center wire a couple of times.  Clip any excess wire with your flush cutter as close as possible to your center wire and bead.



Here's how your bead should look.  Repeat step 5 for the rest of your crystals.  You should now have six wrapped crystals.



 Slightly open the loops on your earwires by bending a bit to the side.  Place three of your wrapped crystals on each earwire and close loops.

 Take a emery board or fine sandpaper and smooth the end that will go through your ear.  You can use a bur cup for this if you have one.

 Polish and your ready to celebrate with….. 

The Wearin o' the Green!

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