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Simple BeadedEarrings

By Carol Ladine Lagoski




Tools and Supplies:


2 pretty lampwork beads about 12 mm in diameter


Small packet or handful of matching or complimentary #11 seed beads


Beading needle


6lb/size D crystal fireline or equivalent


One pair earwires of your choice


Scissors to cut the fireline




Step 1:

Cut a piece of fireline about one foot long and thread your needle with it.  Pickup 20 seed beads, one lampwork bead then 20 more seed beads



Step 2:

Take your thread ends and make a knot pulling snug but not so tight that you buckle the beads.



Step 3:

Run your needle and thread back down through several beads…



Step 4:


Form a small loop, bring your thread under and around and pass through the loop and pull snug.

The following picture better shows how the thread will look when it is looped.



Step 5:

Run needle and thread through another few beads and clip. 





Step 6:

Add your earwire making sure it's centered in the line of seed beads. 


Now repeat steps 1 through 5 for the second earring





Another thing you can do after forming the center knot is to make a loop of about 6 seed beads to hook your earwires through.


You can use more than 40 seed beads per earring for longer styles or less for shorter styles.


You can also use smaller or larger focal beads.  Just make sure they're not too heavy or they'll be uncomfortable to wear.



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