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Holiday Glam Earrings

By Carol Ladine Lagoski

All photos and text copyright 2010 and any use of either without express written consent of the author is strictly forbidden




With the holidays just around the corner I thought I'd show you how to create an easy yet beautiful pair of earrings fit for any party.






2 ½"" - 20 gauge sterling wire or wire of your choice.

8 – 8mm clear Swarovski Crystals

6 – 1 ½" long headpins

One pair ear wires of your choice




Flush cutters

Round nose pliers

chain nose pliers

Rounder/bur cup or file to smooth ends




NOTE:  You can use longer headpins if you wish.  If you don't have 1 ½" and want that length just shortens your longer ones to that length.



Step 1


Take a hold of your 20 gauge wire close to the tip with your round nose pliers.  Place the wire just about 1/8" up from the tips so you have a nice small loop.



Step 2



Bend the end of the wire around forming a loop


Step 3



Move your pliers to the bottom of the loop closest to the long end of the wire and bend slightly backwards.  By doing this you have your loop centered on the end for a nicer appearance.


If you have a space between the end of your loop and the body of the wire simply use your round nose pliers to close.




Step 4



Thread on one crystal and clip your wire to about 3/8"


Step 5



As before, place the end of the wire over the pliers jaws about 1/8" up from the tips


Step 6


Now bend that wire end around forming a loop.  Bend that loop slightly backwards to center it like you did the top one.

You have now completed your top crystal from which the others will dangle.



Step 7



Now take three headpins and stagger the lengths about ¼"




Step 8


While holding firmly take your flush cutter and place over the two longer ends placing the cutter even with the bottom headpin and clip. 



Step 9


Thread on one crystal and make a loop on the end just like you did in steps 2 and 3.  Repeat this with the other two headpins


Step 10


Now, open one of the loops on the top crystal (the first crystal drop you made.  Do this by taking your chain nose pliers and bending the end sideways


Step 11


Now place your three beaded headpins onto that loop.  Using your chain nose pliers again twist the loop end sideways to close.


Step 12


Open the loop on your earwire just like you did the other loops…


Step 13


Place the upper loop of the single bead onto the earwire and close that loop.


Now repeat all steps for the second earring




Now you're ready for all those Holiday celebrations with your own handcrafted glamorous sparkly earrings.





Here's wishing each and everyone a wonderful and safe Holiday Season!

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