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Bead Buds Tutorial - How to Make a Pencil!

Janelle Curtis

Hello everyone! Today I am going to show you how to make a "bead bud", which is a fancy term for a small animal or shape that's made from lanyard string and pony beads. These make for great gifts, and usually are present on key chains. For this tutorial, we are going to make a simple design - a pencil. Let's get started!

Things you'll need:

1. Lanyard String (I chose to use black)

2. 6 Black Pony Beads, 39 Yellow Pony Beads, 10 Pink Pony Beads, and 5 Grey Pony Beads

3. (Optional) Key chain to tie your pencil onto.

4. Scissors

Step One: To begin our pencil, we are going to start with the black section, the tip of the pencil. Cut a large piece of lanyard string. I always eyeball how much I cut, but I'd venture to say 3 feet of string would be enough.

To start our first row of beads, which will be one black bead, slip the bead onto one end of the lanyard string and then slip the opposite end of string through the bead the other way. Like you see in the image to the right, the string will be criss-crossed through the bead. Pull the ends of string to make the bead sit in the middle of your string. This is how you will add on each row of beads.


Step Two: To finish the part of the pencil that will do the writing, string on one row of 2 black beads, and then another row of 3 black beads. Now we will add on the yellow part of the pencil.

First, add on a row of 4 yellow beads. Then you'll have 35 yellow beads left over. That means you will have 7 rows of 5 yellow beads. Add these rows to your pencil.


Woo! The majority of the pencil is complete. Now we add three more rows of 5 beads, one row of grey and two rows of pink. Tie your remaining lanyard string into 3 knots to secure your beads, then tie your pencil to a key chain or simply cut off the remaining string.



And that's all there is to it! Happy beading everyone!


About the Author

Janelle Curtis is a lover of all things that take some creativity, enjoying fashion design, and art and DIY projects. She runs a craft site with her own creations at

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