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Advertising Policy

Recently the Beading Times had 22,217  unique visitors a month.  Our audience is very targeted, consisting of beaders and jewelry designers. 

Because our audience is very focused, all advertised products or services must be targeted to beaders, bead makers or jewelry makers.  If we receive numerous complaints from several readers about an advertiser, an anonymous member of our staff will conduct a transaction with that vendor.  If the complaints appear to be well founded, we will quit running that company's advertisement.  Monies paid in advance will not be refunded to those advertisers that do not meet our standards of quality products and customer service.

Advertising Rates:

Design your own ad or let our experienced layout people design it for you.  Design layout free.

The Beading Times offer three different types of advertising:- all priced at less than .01 per reader!

Links and Resources Page
In September 2010, which is a slow month, we had 22,217 unique visitors a month.  If even a small percentage of that number sent us 5.00 a year we would be fine.  But I am not asking for money for nothing.  I am selling advertising on the Links&Resources page for 5.00 a line for a whole year.  You can get return from your bucks by just putting your website link on the page.  Add as many lines as you want, but each line will cost you 5.00 a year.  This is a great return on your investment as it would turn into .000225 cents for each unique visitor.  Some of you without websites may just wish to send us 5.00 to be listed as a sponsor.  The listings will be in the following categories:  beads, beading supplies, instructions, jewelry, religious articles, and accessories.  To sign up, just email me your requested advertising at .   Tell me how you want to pay and I'll send an invoice once your ad is approved.  Thanks in advance for your support.

What's Hot Page
Large box ads listing new products, unique products, sales and specials offered to members of the Beading Times. 
Price: $50.00 a month, 100.00 a quarter, 350.00 a year.
 The annual subscription gives you the right to update your ad monthly as long as copy is in by the 25th of the preceding month.  Annual subscribers also get a one time mention in our newsletter.  This page changes monthly and old pages are NOT archived. Unlimited advertiser availability.

Content Pages
Left hand column ad on your choice of any of our content pages.  A content page is one that has contains an article. 

Price; $50.00 a month, 100.00 a quarter, 350.00 a year.
The annual subscription comes with a onetime mention in our newsletter.  Monthly changes to the advertisement are NOT allowed without a change fee of 25.00.  Pages are archived for at least a year.  Advertising space is limited on the content pages.  Space is filled on a first come, first served basis.

How to Apply For Advertising

There are 3 ways to inquire about advertising
1) Call Sandy at 410-882-5973 anytime between the hours of 9 am and 9 pm eastern standard time.
2) Email your questions to
3) Click here to fill out an application form

Payments Accepted

We accept credit cards, paypal, checks and money orders.