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Our mailing list is private.  We will  not sell it.


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July and August 2014

Greetings all!

Summer is here. And with it comes barbecues, fire crackers, fresh fruit and veggies, and most of all summer art and craft shows. Best of luck in all your endeavers this summer. .And now onto this month's columns

Beading Tip Making uniform loops easily and quickly

Marketing Tip  Running a raffle

Featured Bead Artist This month we did something a little different. We usually publish very well established, senior level glass workers. This month we caught someone as she starts her lampworking journey. Her beads show a lot of enthusiasm and individuality for the few months she's been beading.. Please note that The Beading Times does not in any way participate in the sale of these hand crafted dazzlers and bears no responsibility for any transactions you may initiate. 

Culture Beads made from modern materials

Beading Project

For years Carol Ladine Lagosky created beautiful projects for you. This month we're rerunning her simple beaded earrings. I've used this pattern a lot myself.

Design Corner We're taking a look at Victorian inspired jewelry.

When dreaming about this website, I pictured a place for beading enthusiasts to gather, to participate and to share their knowledge.  I hope you all take part in shaping this magazine I want it to truly be a group effort.  Your input is welcome here.  Id love to have you nominate a bead maker or submit tips or projects (dont worry about your writing skills - my staff stands ready to transform your basic instructions into publishable text.).  Beyond your participation in the regularly scheduled monthly features,  Id like to see you guide the shape of things to come.  What would you like to see?  Want to edit a column, write a story or post a question for the staff?   This is your place to shine or to bask in the glow.  Everyone here at The Beading Times is anxious to create a homey place for you just let us know what it takes by emailing me.

Wishing you happy Beading Times,


Sandra J. Paluzzi

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